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A worthwhile world to live in

Some of the greatest humanitarians are few and far between.   Mother Theresa was astounding.    She is becoming a SAINT.  Pretty special huh?

When a woman can become a SAINT, we know the rights of passage from all our mothers, their mothers and sisters, aunts and cousins have had a greater miracle.  The belief that YES a woman can become a SAINT.

What are all of the other SAINTS?  Let me check and BRB (be right back for the newbies and rookies out there:  aka me not that long ago).  

AlllllllllRiiiighTY then (as fellow Canadian Jim Carrey would say) ::..... I found the best and most obvious source and website for your spiritual hankerings, wanting to understand catholicism better, or get in touch with a part of your childhood.  More than meets the eye, or soul for that matter, is this website: for anything and everything Catholic where I went on the hunt for what the other SAINTS are ..... and WOWzers, had a whole whack of them.  So many, you can look them up alphabetized.  What also surprised me a la Google, was that there have been Female Saints before (I have to go back and look.....)

So how do you get into social media?  Nothing magical, no big secret.  You just DO.  You sign up, usually don't get it AT ALL at first.  Depending on your tenacity in life, you can end up finding out it has so magical secrets.  For example, starting to blog and acknowledge Mother Theresa becoming a SAINT sometime this weekend (this is when I could use a strong <<INSERT>> VA or virtual assistant.  

So, you give it a whirl.  That's it.  As far as you want to throw yourself or put yourself out to the universe, you can.  All from the safety of your home.  Why go anywhere?  According to the fear mongers, it's pretty scary out there.   Unless, you live in Canada that is.  Noted, oftentimes promoted by our biggest number one fan, Michael Moore.

Yes, we don't have the bi-racial "BLACK LIVES MATTER" atrocities and violence, but we should be honest to acknowledge that we have not been kind to our original people:  aboriginal they're called, or Native Canadians.    I wonder if it is really indigenous people what they wish to be called.  Well, why can't we call be called Canadian?  

I do admire about that regarding the United States.  Compare: "she's French Canadian from Montreal" compared to "he went to TNU (this university), played that sport, graduating with honors, now a partner at a law firm (or associate if the firm is that BIG) or the next heir apparent to the CEO of XYZ Corporation.  

Notice how we reference each other differently?  There are differences.  One of the biggest differences, which I may add, should be taken under advisement as in incorporate this soon because people have forgotten:  "Canada is not another State of the United States".  Whew.  Finally said.  

Dear Dave Reynolds posted this amazingly hilarious cartoon (below) .... he's a pretty cool guy who has evolved into a social media rock star (the fact that he works at a Radio Station in Toronto: (>>> VA insert Radio Station HERE<< BUT don't insert the logo or image placement until passing it by me .... unless I am getting Brand Ambassador credits, I'm not endorsing anything.)

Look, it's okay.  We can laugh at ourselves, unlike the Americans ... ya think?  Well, not necessarily do we laugh as much as an American making an ass outta themselves trying to communicate about Canada.

We're not nearly as sorry as we say it.  Although, our main man Justin as in Trudeau (The other "bad boy" Justin Bieber is passe' who has replaced Lindsay Lohan, Mily Sirus and Brittney Spears in both on and off camera theatrics). 

Is Justin Trudeau still singing the company song?  No?  How long does it take a politician or country leader take to change its mind on foreign policy?  It seems this is a curse of the newbie over the incumbent.  I wonder if they giggle and snort over champagne after the upcoming election, knowing they have a BIG secret that they can't tell until the next official takes office?  Probably.  

OK, so you may not stand up and dance to this .... you just MAY start moving your buttingski to the great vibe!  Happiness  is NOW. 

One of the nicest Facebook links I think I've ever been on. Everyone is sooooo positive. Thank YOU all~It reminds me of back in the day on Twitter with the #UsGuys and gals ::.... a sense of comradery and a whole lot of cheerleading going on. Classy and smart people, distinguished in so many ways. I hope this group of wonderful people try to follow #USGuys on Twitter ::.... they probably created the #hashtag that launch the ability to have real conversations above the noise. I owe a lot of this exceptional support toLinkedIn (give credit where credit is due) where I met this superb gent, who clearly had a lot of sophisticated talent and smarts .... he is definitely CEO defined. Philippe Trebaul Bis has been working on his passion: Socialfave for a while. As a social media hobbyist (I don't 

make money off of social media right now ... although I have before), the partnership, harmony between visionary and company Socialfave was worth a look see. It helps make you Twitter experience that much better: you can define the parameters on what interests you on Twitter and carve it, refine it (just add wine, we haven't figured out to deliver on that ... yet). I hope all of you wonderful people will follow me onJeannette Marshall(@optioneerjm) in the Twitter's FollowFriday Ranking so I can help you too. Eventually, all this excellent karma is going to come to fruition, I've certainly sending it out to the world, with certainly a great, large, sophisticated, intelligent following who like a twist of humor, not twisted people .. ew) ..... I'm going back to surfing through You Tube for some new music (to me) or forgotten treasures (to me)


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