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A nice reflection

I tend to go on about stats and such on my optioneerJM blog since that is where the conversation about social media or soME seems to have some traction.  I really started out there writing about sales primarily, then shifted to include leadership and business with social media dialogue emerging frequently.

That's a tough position to be in because your golden followers, the ones who began the journey with you deserve and have earned your return loyalty and acknowledgement.  

The strange part of me is I constantly seek feedback online from trusted advisors, and I can take it.  However, if it is someone looking at me, with eye contact and giving me feedback, if it isn't filtered with empathy and professionalism, I can feel attacked.

Writing to the loyal followers is paramount to a business or a blog.  That's a mutual reward for sticking around together.  And as the object of that feedback, you take it more positively because they've grown to know you over a few years at leas…

we have LIFT off

Only like 93 page views.  Eeek.  I'm horrored filled.  This is going against the evil empire crowned by EGO.  

Emperor Google Observationer 
That's what EGO stands for.   We are all slaves to her ego or his ego.

The words
When I read the meaning behind words from my blogs today, in the middle being chicken & egg I actually did a double take because what I would normally post on this blog The Commentary, I posted on and it seems to have caught on fire.

inclined to mine my way through all the information trajectory that is out there across the universe, whether be it by sound waves, digital waves, or written pages.    I like to sift out the chaff and settle with the fine mist of information that I find useful, beautiful, informative, driving peace, peaceful thinking, inspirational, innovative drift down to my finger tips to write about it.

Identity Crisis
Is what you begget when you try to divide and siphon off ideas or mere thoughts.…

starting at ground zero

By Anonymous
By September 2001 I was in a daze.  I had just removed myself as an identity synonymous with wife or mother.  When you're in doubting mode, the world slows down.  Too wrapped up in memeME for a change.

Mount Everest
Solitude was forced on me, not willingly sought.  Caught in any 30 somethings years old.  If you've ever read or watched anything on the topic of Mount Everest you'd know that it is very formidable and cloaked in disaster and death.  Yet any story ever told that we would unanimously agree, from all nations, from all religions, on this fact then and now we would agree that the most bravest of accomplishment from climbing and surviving crown the peak of Mount Everest and sinking a flag at its peak. 

Yet in each and every story there has always been one common denominator ::.... Can you guess what it is?  I'm being charitable by making a clue front and centre: 

Yeah, I know eh?  Odd, weird, even interesting.  In order for any singular one of us…

In pursuit of excellence

Is the bar too high?
Do you often compare yourself to others::  beauty, looks, success, wealth, home, car, job?  Ahem, or career.
First, let me apologize because I was trying to sideswipe you to continue as if there hasn't been a few weeks since the last time I blogged. 

Do we strive too far?
There comes a certain point in your life when you are at an event, more likely social, more alarming family ::.... and you just POP in your head!  Just like that with the zippy exclamation point (don't overdue it with multiples::.... that screams desperate for attention ....:: so you tend to ignore it or stop reading right there).
I found myself at my stepdaughter's wedding, as the "evil stepmother" I told everyone I was.  That was to downplay no input and my manners meter on high alert.   It became a time that because of my non role yet close observer of the past 12 years of the bride's life. 
Try facing off two mother grizzly bears, it may not be pretty.  But manners prevail…

A worthwhile world to live in

Some of the greatest humanitarians are few and far between.   Mother Theresa was astounding.    She is becoming a SAINT.  Pretty special huh?

When a woman can become a SAINT, we know the rights of passage from all our mothers, their mothers and sisters, aunts and cousins have had a greater miracle.  The belief that YES a woman can become a SAINT.

What are all of the other SAINTS?  Let me check and BRB (be right back for the newbies and rookies out there:  aka me not that long ago).  

AlllllllllRiiiighTY then (as fellow Canadian Jim Carrey would say) ::..... I found the best and most obvious source and website for your spiritual hankerings, wanting to understand catholicism better, or get in touch with a part of your childhood.  More than meets the eye, or soul for that matter, is this website: for anything and everything Catholic where I went on the hunt for what the other SAINTS are ..... and WOWzers, had a whole whack of them.  So many, you can look them up a…