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The "Top Down" Doldrums

Wow, this wasn't half bad.  I had to reread it because it has climbed and almost hitting the max on what's trending from optioneerJM  (second highest).  

A little doldrum: the top-down has turned from the bottom-up

Pointing out presentation pitfalls

Do you have any horror stories you relive constantly over the presentation that went haywire? I am failing superbly at staying within MINDFULness, the latest phenomenon not quite realized. (remember April 2015 when I predicted on my blogOptioneerJMthat adult coloring was going to catch on and why you should too?)
What disastrous presentation can you never forget or let yourself go on? Me? I did some reflection upon creating powerpoints and how this is a skill that I have under developed while critical in my lifelong learning journey, prevailing self-development, knowledge junkie crutch and continual improvement ......
I've been spending some time self-critiquing on Powerpoint savviness ... or not? READ more:

Power points
This actually got me thinking. MicroSoft's "Power Point" or better known by acronym .ppt (especially helpful for the 140 character limitations of Twitter) is its own noun.

A s…