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Rambling rhetoric

I've been rather serious for a while.  On point, on focus, distracted or disoriented, I'm not sure which.  Not so serious one would reference a witch.  I'm not the wicked witch.  That doesn't mean I'm not the Evil Stepmother either.  

As the author, I gain access to disclaimer to all who read this blog or my affiliate blogs:  theoptioneerJM on blogspot, finely fueled by Google.  Yes, you knew?  Google is only the most richest, influential bazillionaire top of the heap.  Not just one person, but a group of persons who beat as one.  Synergized to the pulse of the human vibe.  What's got us abuzz?  Who caught our eye?  What were we looking for?  What we were clicking at?  Yeah them.  Times a lot allotta more.  

They're the top of our heap of which we are below, and how far down and near hidden, others may fall to or land from.  They basically know what we want long before we even know we wanna know.  They're just really smart at figuring out algorithms that …

A long dark tunnel

As my chest tightens I battle the thoughts trying to invade me.  Which is worse?  The memories or the fear of the future?

Watching a wedding yesterday torpedos me back to memories on how I ended up marrying him.  After years of uncertainty, we seem to blend and melt into a family plot of four children from the other's previous marriages.  Symbols of failure which expound so much joy, proving that the cup is really half full.  

Feeling failure is probably not unique to the mid life crisis era of those begotten to be forgotten.  Yet there are so many others who can expell and expand into the world as one of the greats.  

It doesn't seem like any of the greats didn't feel failure.  That chest heavy, air sucking the wind out of you until you're almost breathless, while the brain churns.  That is probably a really good description of the feeling of failure.

Watching the kids all have a great time, the parents still symbols of a period where manners overruled any display of any …

Am i where?

I was asked whether I am active on social media, familiar with blogging .... does a dog need water?

A Digital Marketer

A walk about the web ....

Saturday August 13 2016

Just imagine that.  We're well on our way chugging along in the 21st Century.  I completely forgot about that.  The 21st Century represented far into the future as a kid growing up, I recall.  Remember 21st Century FOX? 

We're so comfortable with the new Millenia, we're calling our children Millennium.  And it is suppose to be a compliment of sorts.  Think "no fear" and it pretty much sums it up.

One third are pretty respectful and go on to a fairly stable path, another third are feeling like they're hanging off a cliff and whether they can trust the hand leaning over to help save him.  The final third are so busy blazing a new trail of innovators.  

They really aren't defined by age or gender or any stereotype of any sort.  Just things and people who came across my radar (in case you want to check it out) ::.... from the Entertainment channel by optioneerJM (Jeannette Marshall, Calgary, AB)::... on both Facebook and Twitter ::....