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A cheater's paradise

Policing employees' performance is one thing that most companies do well. However, being the corporate watchdog is quite a different conundrum. At what point do company code of ethics cross over into personal behavior at work. In some areas it is natural for organizations to provide guidelines for its employees behaviors at work, while quite a hotbed of varying opinions when it comes to what employees do on their own time. I broached the subject when posting on my main blog TheOptioneerJM where I began a discussion on how whistle blowers are treated within organizations.  What bothered me to the core is how an organization reacts to a whistle blower says a ton about their culture. Meaning, you can have policies, guidelines, codes of ethics and beyond, but they become meaningless when managers or employees take it a step too far. In my example, with anonymity caveats all over the place, it appeared that an employee who blew the whistle on one manager's harassing behavior, to only …

A Pictorial Post

Flash back to the 80s and 90s when I was an advertising sales representative.  We didn't have fancy titles, the title of where we worked in the media was our badge of honor.  Mine was magazines.  How I love the smell of the ink without the annoyance of a whole lot of black stuff rubbed on my thumb and index finger.  

Some words float out of me as part of those days.  I'll have to root through and find some of my favorite projects and share on ThePublisher blog that I created to talk about publishing.  It is a topic I love in the act of sharing information and making the world a more beautiful place.

A Pictorial, as I recall, and before I go to the ever-handy WIKIpedia for the answers ::..... is an editorial piece that is almost all visual photography, imagery or art with only captions below minimally.  It allows the viewer to absorb and take in the image fleetingly capturing where your eyes fall upon.  Comments unnecessary, yet impossible if you are its creator, who happens to l…

The interview police

There are so many great websites, blogs, articles, books out there that capture the interest of job hunters or career seekers.  You are given advice on your resume, your attitude and how to behave at the interview.

Yet while there are so many of these sites that offer interviewers advice, where are the interview police?  Well, I guess between Google searches, Linked In and other sources, one can easily find out a lot about a prospective employer.   Distaste can be quick and immediate if one has a poor interview experience.  That being that the interview was unprofessional, disrespectful and disengaged.

I don't think that many companies assess what they are doing about their hiring practices and how they may be treating prospective employees.  That is likely a major oversight that only is rectified when the job market switches positions:  from a buyers market perspective of employee recruiting to a sellers market from those seeking employment.

What are organizations doing to ensure th…