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I am pretty sure I've said this before:: I have social media ADD (attention deficit disorder).  What I mean is I can log on with a very singular purpose in mind, for example, check my email to follow up on something.

But, like a demon possessed, I scroll down the INBOX and all sorts of click bait jump out at me.  There lies another trait I have: I fall for click bait.  But as an anointed inductee, I admit that I have a problem.

You see, there is some deeper, hidden side to me that even I didn't know was there.  A youthful curiosity about anything and everything that grabs my attention, where the enthusiasm manifests (thank YOU GOOGLE CHROME spell check:  right click in GOOGLE BLOGSPOT and scroll up to top tag/link and it will show you the proper spelling of that word.

See what i mean?  I log here to blog about something and then completely think of something completely different and go on a detour for longer than it takes you to read this far.

OK, so you got the point on spellchecking and self-conscienceousness  right?  I grew up with that.  English wasn't my mother's mother tongue.  So, if someone has difficulty with speaking a language, don't even go there for writing it.  The best being able to read English is easier for people to do next to what the movies' show that all you have to do is watch cartoons on television, you betcha!

"You betcha" is not in my repertoire of sayings by-the-by.  I toss it out there in writing as a personal nod to the person who inspires me to associate with these words:  a friend named Cathie.  I think she follows me on facebook but the only time you reached out and tapped me on my virtual noodle with an email on my birthday and part of catching up was a mutual friend, not close just close in a lot of great memories, had passed away.  As it usually is, I reached out on a spur of the moment thing and dropped in to see her.  She lives with her husband on this spectacular golf course, with the view of the Canadian Rockies off to the distance to block the setting sun.   Cathie is one of my longest, original friends (on MEANDERINGSabout I wrote about a visit with my best friend Kathy and her awesome hubby, who adore my hobby (oh, you know, it is just very comfy).

So the stumble before the skip or the fall?  I donno.  Went last night to meet my stepdaughter's fiance's mother and stepfather.  It was like looking at a mirror of myself.  A well maintained woman, who many would call a lady, very polished, clean, not overly done, was she.  To me, that is very cool.  It's important that the parenting around a husband and wife are good examples.

This is not in the traditional sense of good examples not being considered to be represented by divorcees.  Such the bad impression of what that means in the world.  Mostly disgusting and self-depreciating.  Her eyes betrayed a "been around the block a couple of times" glint almost completely dimmed by her sparkle.

Sparkles should be what every woman deserves.  The most gratifying would be the one you buy yourself.  Funny, I forgot all about this.  It should probably, eventually, gravitate over to optioneerJM where I mostly blog about sales.

At the time I made the most money in my career, I lived a life many would think was heaven.  I know I went to get my nails done spot on every two weeks, with once a month a massage or facial.  I bought some of the best classic pieces, invested in, the right look.  There really wasn't a hair out of place.  Perhaps that was to disguise the fact that my then marriage was falling apart.  No matter how I tried, I just couldn't get over the betrayal of adultery.

There are those much stronger than I, without a doubt, who have been able to pick up the crumbles, knead it together and start baking again in life.  As in hot, on fire, on a mission, with a goal, a bee in her bonnet.  We can all recognize that glow that comes from being having a very loving family, a secure home life, feeling loved, by friends, family or colleague.

..... to be continued (eventually)


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