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Introducing a commentary commentary

August 2, 2016
Well, if truth be told
Time to be bold and force myself to admit that "A Commentary" was taken.  What was I thinking?  How would a blog host service, the pre-eminent one created by GOOGLE, not have a blog called "A Commentary".

Yuck, dumbness 101
So, stuck in the middle between my more businessy and social media brainfart resides on my .... which in the past few months has been inkling my inklings:: why would GOOGLE swap out my blog from a .com to a .ca?  

Sneaky devils
Just when I wasn't looking, too preoccupied by writing, or blogging as they say, I hadn't noticed that my blog was not set up as a .com one.  Really not a smart move.  Maybe there was no choice.  

Gathered intelligence
Even back then, wasn't as informative as it is now.  You can glide an ad in front of the exact demographic you pre-select defined by online habits (reading, what you look at, what you search for, what you write, what you write about, what you blog, who are your followers, where do your followers come from, how trusting are your followers now they've gotten to know you?

Richter Scale
If you hit the bar and lift it high above, these piranhas of paranoia demonstrate that there is nothing to fear, but fear itself (heard it at one of the American Nomination Conventions but can't remember who the quote should be attributed to.  The nomads of information gathering and sharing start to draw in like a magnet to those that have a high trust worthiness.  

Integrity & Honesty
Can be examined, dissected (thank you GOOGLE for helping me spell dissected when there are so many different ways you can spell it the wrong way).  A person who is above reproof in actions, activity, and influence (likelihood to click).

Likelihood to be Liked
Is a phenomena to be understood and uphold.  It doesn't mean never ever NOT controversial, yet often more intellectual.  Like a lioness protecting her young, she can stand up and be heard the very few times she'd roar.  

Roar rarely
Is a true craft that so many grasp.  You are NOT on an imaginary soapbox and people do NOT care about what you are ranting about, usually, typically.  The true grind is when it is so unbelievable, to be human you cannot but summon rage at the extreme, disappointment would be too dull.  

There is room
For new voices, new vision to soar.  Above the "cloud" free from the "web" of deceit, corruption, exploitation, ruination that so many fall under or into a deep well, or catch themselves midway during the free fall.

Mentor talent, create fame, share brilliance, recognize excellence in others for all the right reasons, not self-serving motivated.  Be a cheerleader, with a vibrant personality that becomes known to be positive, inspiring, uplifting and optimistic.  Held dearly the belief that a gift of art, music, beauty, entertainment, literature, writing can rise and be known for exuding the greatest appreciation of the talent by others.

By curating and sharing magnificent art, photography, writings, teachings, ambassadors to making the world a better place, more optimistic, peaceful.  

Those are the beliefs that should unfold.  Not the tyranny of attempting to trick or promote radicalness, violence, unwholesomeness, evil or greed (which equals EGO in my opinion).

The capacity and habit of looking forward more than backwards.  Who can latch on to something that could be the start of a big curve (remember when I wrote about how Adult Coloring books were going to bust open the rafters?)

Your dreams with your goals nestled safely within.  Make yourself actionable.  Do what you say you will do.

Share the #bestofeverything as a voice of the populace not what the media wants to shape what it is the populace wants.


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