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An acting anything

I'm still not sure what direction this blog is going to go in.  Like my other 4 blogs, they evolved into a category that I am comfortable talking about in a demographic profile to speak for a strong spirited generation that many would think have shuffled on to the sidelines only NOW able to be discovered as doing famously well even if not famous nor infamous.

Comments about US Election
The US Presidential Election of 2016 is a anomaly that is for sure.   At the same time, it exploits a commentary about what is hidden in our society when it comes to men and women equality.  I've never written per se about a gender specific issue before.  However, now that is so increasingly being pronounced in this US Presidential Election seemingly to be more about genders than anything, I decided to speak up and based on whether this blog is shared, speak out.  

For hardly can it be anything but about gender is profound.  Let's look at the difference, as a reflection of what our society really has become in the north of the americas, including Canada, the United States.  Otherwise known to those in the crew (Canadian or American) known to mean to how to determine and describe our geographical locations, some philosophical cohesion, struggles to glory and helping each during defeat.

Yet, here it is a candidate who has better qualifications than anyone in probably any country becomes belittled into a gender thing.  The first President of the United States, as a sidebar at most, should be credited to this remarkable climb.  Call me intrigued, but it wasn't until the final film before she moved away from behind the curtain into the spotlight, that I became really impressed with her as a woman, if anything else and everything else is besides the point.

You see, it is a phenomena unique to women that nobody has ever discussed, that I am aware anyhow, the painful strength it would take and maintain an acting role designation in the capacity of a really important role or assignment.  

An acting role
Think about it.  Hillary Clinton's role as Secretary of Defense for the United States was more like the "Acting Role of the President of the United States" in support or in sights of that very important role.

Yet, here on the other side, we have a guy who has a pumped ego, a strong message and charisma along with bomba like "nobody's business".   He keeps blundering along in his offensive opinions that he can't keep to himself, never mind zip it altogether.  

Frankenstein of a digital revolution
Trump is the Frankenstein of the digital age and a revolution.  Not quite the revolution Bernie Sanders saw and was horrored by, communicated weakly outside his followers as socialistic, government imploded, almost communistic style.

Trump has become the egomaniac that Americans so love to adore.  From afar.  In the comfort of their homes, their grief, their beliefs.  

With a Frankenstein physical presence, a ego so YUGE, and a mouth so BIG, he uses his terminator force to belittle race, religion, gender, ethnic origin, beliefs, values, family, economical setting and disability.  

He gets away with it.  Isn't that so fantastic?  Some conscience Americans are kinda freaking out a bit because they are starting to realize that they've created a comical cartoon of a movie that is there for the public to enjoy, be horrored by, or just stunned.

Trump resembles the blown up version of just about anything that Americans have been very patriotic about.  They like to be the world peacekeeper, referee, disciplinarian, and example to which others wish to follow.

Road kill
Except, in this microscopic experiment that has blown out of proportions for rubber neckers to watch with dismay.  Trump is forcefully stating what is wrong with America in a stunning way that emulates the qualities that are wrong in America. 

Here you have a woman who was acting President in all intents and purposes and yet has to defend her ability to take the top job based on already doing it for a period of time.  

Brain aneurysm
Have you ever had that happen to you?  It popped out like a burst when I realized what was at the core of this Presidential Election.  It has become a fight about gender and equality like no force to have been reckoned with in quite some time, if ever.  And there are a lot of examples when it came to a head.  Like a volcano tremor that hints at the eruption forces laying dormant, not complete quiet, yet not quite loud enough.  

Why would this election be any contest?  I mean, seriously folks.  Think about it.  ONLY a man going up against a woman would be able to get away with what Trump is.  A pure emblem of what is rotten at the core.

How can Trump even be a contender and evade guilt on so many fronts.  How he ended up with such talented kids can ONLY be attributed to their Mother, Ivana Trump.  That so many people forget about.  Now that she's been tossed over by a younger model, of the literal kind.

A woman a third older than Malinka Trump (is that her name, is that how you spell it?) was NOT the mother of those impeccable, genuinely gifted kids.  She could get away with plagiarizing the current (not even former First Lady) speech and have it swept away because of her beauty and her grace, her arm candy appeal on Trump's hand.

That simple gesture of how Trump places his hand upon people.  He does not reach across nor reach up.  He pats people on the head, on the hand.  A condescending gesture if you ever want to study a sociopath.

But there he is, the Frankenstein of the social media mayhem that is a revolution of humanity's consciousness.  That's the revolution Bernie Sanders hinted out.  He just didn't quite have his finger on it.

.... a Commentary is to be continued.



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