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A job, a career, a passion

Image of the moment
Isn't that just awesome?  Can I use that as an image for my blog?  If I do, will I get sued?  Well, it just has the vibe to what direction this blog is going in.  Not as much as a destination in mind except a journey in sight.

Back on topic
I remember quite awhile ago writing about how hard it is to find rewarding work when you hit your 50s.  I probably wrote it when I turned 50 knowing me.  Now that I'm 55, it seems a lot more prophetic, as in predicting the future.  

I probably had a harder time writing, but then again, I reflect that I have been writing since I was able to hold a pencil, crayon or pen.  I can just imagine me in my youth, like other kids who pretend read a story book, I was actually reading according to my mom.  

Most likely, I was holding a pencil and finely with rapt concentration, doing artful scribbles.  My very innocent take on what writing was.  Imagine, not being able to write, yet able to take words that dance and being able to read them out loud to my peers.  

The innocence of our youth, and so different from today's parenting, if we did something outstanding, it wasn't anything that was boasted about.  In fact, it was probably not even considered remarkable if not under the watchful eyes of my mother.

English was my mom's 2nd language, and probably 3rd as well, if you think that my grandparents would give up their birthright language, Ukrainian and Polish.  How confusing would that have been?  

It is something that we don't consider much these days.  How fast some push our kids to get going and then push them to reach higher.  Living their dreams through their children.  Probably a phenomena more usual today than unusual.  

If you doubt me, check out who our dentists are?  How many of our doctors are first generation Canadians?  I guess aging does make you more introspective.

I've done responsible and I've done getting wood splits while scratching the ladder to the top in career.  Now, I wanna do passion.

_______________________________________ ~..~

          "I've been writing since I could scribble." 
                                                     ~Jeannette Marshall
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Congratulations to Brazil
I thoroughly enjoyed watching the opening ceremonies of these Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  (Watched with the annoying dribble from Peter Mansbridge who we accept delivery our Canadian news but is really not an Olympic announcer or commentary.  Where is that silver haired fellow that we identify with powerfully as the Canadian voice of the Olympic Games.  Darn this writing is giving me more homework.

Writing some more ...
Well, I guess you can say, I'm writing some more.  This is my fourth blog.  Huh eh?  Too many you say?  Well not if you think that each one holds a part of my passions dear:

* meanderingsABOUT ::... a fabulous fashionista fighting her 10s ::... writing about love and life.

* optioneerJM ::... that uncorked the writing in me.  It became a safe haven to share my ideas and try to provide glimpse into the world of sales.  I keep thinking, I should sort through them and make an ebook out of the topics:  business, leadership, sales and social media.  Sales would still be the thickest volume because that is what I know really well.

inBETWEENers *^* on wordpress.  Another experiment of sorts.  After having my first two blogs under Google, I wanted to check out word press (that is going to be a different blog about blogging:  likely title).

theREADINGafficionado was created a while ago, but hasn't had lift off yet.  I am an avid reader and enjoy updating my MEANDERINGSabout reading recommendations.  I thought I could dedicate an entire blog about that.  Don't count it out yet.

Then there is this:  A commentary.  Where I have opinions on just about everything that is going on and I'm pretty insightful and pick up things quickly.  I've even warned of an adult coloring book explosion and a few other matters like an observation of Canada gliding through the stormy waters of the US and international banking and financial crisis, and sailing through.  In it, I suggested the US take its cue from Canada, then the UK jumps forward and snaps up Canada's treasurer/head of our Bank of Canada, now head of the Bank of England.  Isn't that like the largest financial center in the world?  Or is it Switzerland for crooks and the Cayman Islands for tax evaders?  

Well, I can safely say, that we Canadians are pretty naive.  Our companies are wanting to make bigger profits so that their CEOs and small team of executives' bonus grow, while their patriotic employ-ment practices erode.

I nominate myself to do a research on which companies are 100% Canadian.  i.e. hire within Canada, and Canada only.  Sell products that are made in Canada, and by Canadians only.  That's going to be eye opening when you think companies and brands you wouldn't think are culprits are.  Think Tim Horton's who employes probably more foreign workers than any other single employer.

Even where I work, there was a quick email that said for us to be on our best behaviour because some of our colleagues from Indian were going to be visiting and randomly sitting in on us doing our jobs.  What do you reckon that was for?  

So they can emulate and be more, uh Canadian?  Or maybe catch on to a few of our Candianisms eh?  Only a true Canadian sounds like a Canadian, sorry to be the one to tell you.  

It's not just about the language, the accent others believe we have, when we think it is every other.  It is the politeness, intelligent good manners.  The country synonymous with "sorry".

Well, sorry to say.  Those folks are here for a tour as part of the dance.  The company is hosting a tour to warm up that offshore company to get juiced up and drooling over the opportunity for revenue and hired workers from their homeland.  A wage that, by Canadian standards is fair, but potentially eroding drastically, where the take home pay equates to the same bottom dollar, after you pay taxes, pay for the roof over your head, and the method to which you get to and from work.   

So writing has become a passion.  A commentary, an outlet for what's REALLY going on. 

Another project can unfold just by the ideas that pop up.  For instance, I wonder how many companies employ not just foreign workers but hire workers off shore:  where their living, their taxes, their contribution to the economy is exactly that:  of shore.  Their only contribution being the profitability of the companies who's poor human ethic makes them think they are hiding from the spotlight.  Let this be a learning.  

Why not adopt the american idea that is popping around these days:  tax companies according to whether they employ Canadians or offshore workers.  That would be amazing.  Wouldn't it?  If it costs the same to hire a Canadian as it would to someone who lives with 10 people in a single household, combining resources, work, wisdom and have more money left over in a week than all the Canadians.  

Hmmmm ... it's worth a thought isn't it?  That's when you forget about a job or a career and focus on passion.  Write right.  Right?


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